Three filmmakers have turned to film lovers for funds to complete their project. Here’s why.

Surbhi Dewan and Mara Ahmed

The film: Partition Stories documents the memories of families torn by Partition.

Target: $ 12,000

Amount raised: surpassed the target

Motive: The money will be used for postproduction of the film

Surbhi was studying in the US when she met Mara and they decided to make this film. Partition Stories was shot over a few years, with Mara shooting the footage whenever she visited her hometown Lahore for holidays and Surbhi was in Delhi for vacation. “We both are independent filmmakers. At one point, we decided to demarcate our roles. So Mara looked after direction and I the production. The film has both our voices and that of our families,” says Surbhi.

Mara intended to release the film in New York, have screenings in universities and then a DVD release. Surbhi wanted to reach a wider audience. They pooled in money to make the film, but crowdfunding was necessary to edit the film. “We were overwhelmed when people not only contributed but also shared their memories of Partition,” says Surbhi.

Nandita Das publicised their cause on social network sites and a Pakistani artist allowed them to use his art work in the film. “The advantage of crowdfunding is getting support from ordinary people who believe in your work and the filmmaker has complete creative control,” she emphasises.