Our mission

We are an organization led by a woman of color and committed to making documentary films that elevate the voices and stories of people of color. Our goal is to create dialogue across racial, socio-political, religious, class and international divides.

‘The Injured Body’ is the fourth documentary produced by Neelum Films. Previous films have been screened internationally, distributed widely (especially in the educational market), broadcast on WXXI, streamed on Amazon Prime, and used in college and university curricula across the country.

Why are films written, directed and produced by women of color or immigrants from the Global South important?

Junot Diaz writes about diversity in the arts – how nonwhite minorities are ghosts in the culture that surrounds them, because there is no representation. There is nothing in popular culture that gives them insight into their own experiences. He explains how he is a marker of a great unhappy absence. As a Pakistani American filmmaker, Mara Ahmed can relate.

Communities need a diversity of films and narratives. Not just as curiosity or amusement, but because it helps them understand who they are – collections of complex human beings, each with their own multiplicities.

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