INDIA: In celebration of the 75th Republic Day, The Partition Museum, nestled in Old Delhi, is organizing a special event featuring a film screening and panel discussion. The event aims to foster dialogue and reflection through the documentary “A Thin Wall,” exploring the intricate realms of memory, history, and the potential for reconciliation.

“A Thin Wall” delves into the intricacies of socio-political conflict, displacement, memory, and identity. As the nation marks its 75th Republic Day, the film serves as a poignant reminder of the historical narratives that have collectively shaped consciousness.


Surbhi Dewan: Independent film director, writer, and producer, known for her exploration of socio-political themes.

Dinesh Shrinet: Noted author specializing in popular culture, art, and cinema, acknowledged for his comprehensive exploration of western cinema.

Murtaza Ali Khan: Independent film critic with diverse experience, known for weekly recommendations on the DD Morning Show on DD National.

Roshni Gupta: Acclaimed author predominantly writing in Hindi, exploring themes of love, separation, and feminism.

Pallavi Singh: Hindi language instructor since 2011, whose work has been featured on various prominent media platforms.

Event Details:

Date: January 27, 2024

Time: 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Location: Partition Museum, Ambedkar University, Dara Shukoh Library, Lothian Rd, Delhi, 110006 (10 minutes from Chandni Chowk)

The event invites attendees to join in commemorating the 75th Republic Day at The Partition Museum, providing a unique intersection of art, history, and culture, encouraging dialogue, reflection, and remembrance.

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