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List of Alternative Media

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The concentration of corporate media ownership in the US, has made it more important than ever to consult alternative, non-mainstream media in order to be well-informed about what’s going on in America and the world. …


Indian, Pakistani: Why Two Women Felt Compelled To Make This Partition Documentary

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Many people have asked me over the years how Surbhi Dewan and I came together to make A Thin Wall, an intensely personal film about the partition of India. Here is our story, recounted beautifully …


Connections with Evan Dawson: Filmmaker Mara Ahmed on Borders and Nationalism

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A poll conducted in the aftermath of the Charlottesville rallies found that while few Americans will outwardly express support for white nationalism or racially-charged ideas, more than 30 percent say they think the country needs …


Rashna Batliwala Singh on A Thin Wall

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Beautiful commentary and analysis by Rashna Batliwala Singh, Visiting Professor, Department of English, who saw A Thin Wall at Colorado College on Jan 30, 2018: Most films about the partitioning of the Indian subcontinent are …


Kathryn Myers on A Thin Wall

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On Nov 8, 2017 A Thin Wall was screened at the Human Rights Film Festival at UConn. The post-screening Q&A with director Mara Ahmed was conducted by Professor Kathryn Myers, from UConn’s Art and Art …


Uzma Aslam Khan on A Thin Wall

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Pakistani novelist Uzma Aslam Khan, whose work is included in A Thin Wall, introduced the film in these words at the screening at Hampshire College in April 2017: I’m thrilled to welcome you this evening, …


A Thin Wall: Nationalism and the Partition of India

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Mara Ahmed: The documentary film “A Thin Wall,” a personal take on the partition of India shot on both sides of the Pakistan-India border, took me 7 years to complete. I directed and produced another …


VIDEO: The Edges that Blur by Mara Ahmed for TEDxRochester

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Born in Pakistan, raised in Belguim, and now living in New York has provided Mara Ahmed with a unique worldview. As a desendent of those impacted by the creation of the partition between Pakistan and …


Comfort food for the diaspora | The McGill Daily

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Sarah Shahid: Spaces Between was followed by Mara Ahmed’s documentary, A Thin Wall, on the 1947 Partition of India, which separated the British-occupied land into India and Pakistan. Shot on both sides of the border, the …


Partition Stories: The time my grandmother carried Ghalib across the border

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Surbhi Dewan: My engagement with lost homes and homelands began the day I was born into a family of survivors of the Partition (of the British Empire that led to the creation of India and …